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Italmanometri was founded in 1967 in the province of Reggio Emilia, Italy, with the precise aim of manufacturing pressure gauges. In order to recognise and distinguish its products, Manelli created a unique brand: the letters G and M joined by a pressure gauge pointer. Today this brand is used to mark Italmanometri products in the European and extra-European territory.

Crowning achievement of the company is the patented “M.V.R./63” (limited visibility) pressure gauge able to solve problems caused to important pump manufacturers by breakage or damage of traditional c.d. “bourdon” pressure gauges due to water-hammers occurring during operation.

Manelli’s brilliant idea was born thanks to the synergy of a team of experts in the field, to revolutionise the traditional pressure gauge creating the M.V.R..

Instead of the bourdon tube this pressure gauge has a wire spring, designed to work proportionally to the pressure required and produced with the membrane
system. This means that the pressure pushes the membrane which in turn pushes the small piston making the pointer move. This allows the dial to be
read up to 110 degrees.

Between 1968 and 1969 Manelli’s Italmanometri created another pressure gauge, the M.V.A. (wide visibility pressure gauge). The main feature of this product is the dial reading capacity up to 270 degrees.
This precision feature has now become fundamental for the spraying of weeding chemical products. During those years Manelli also patented the accelerator lever made of zama material. In 1970 Italmanometri begins to work with the French
company “La juste pression” increasing its product range and creating Nuova Italmanometri of Marisa
Conti. During 1975 all zama products are manufactured in nylon and covered 90% of the national needs. In 1976
Nuova Italmanometri, always committed to new product development, created a new pressure gauge, amortised with glycerine oil and equipped with a spring, which is still in use.

During the ‘80s Italmanometri srl was established. It was made up mainly of Manelli and Conti founders as well as members that have given an important contribution in development, research, creation and sale of pressure gauges all over the world, providing high precision equipment, thermometers, electrical, special and control pressure gauges. Italmanometri srl operates today, in view of market globalisation, with several manufacturers in Italy, Spain, Taiwan and P.R.C.

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